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Voyeurism Begins At Home [userpic]

Anonymous comments!

September 20th, 2007 (01:41 pm)

Completely anonymously, and nicked off Angel Mango, who do you fancy and why?

(Please, bored!)

Voyeurism Begins At Home [userpic]

*old womanly kicks stuff*

August 21st, 2007 (01:37 pm)

Bah.  Comments screened and anonymous.  Say something nice to me to lift my spirits.


I am turning into a fecking old woman!

Being short, my weight gain has morphed me into a perfect circle.  I continue to gain weight no matter what I do (or, in the case as it is, don't) eat.  My medications have thinned my hair and a lot of it falls out when I brush it, so I look like I'm going bald and try not to brush my hair now.  So it goes all mad and I look like a tramp.  I have to keep my hair in a short old lady cut to disguise it a bit.  My medications have also put a staggering amount of weight on, and when I tell the doctors this, they say it's a side effect and to go on a diet.  I am on a diet, a diet of feck-all food.  

In addition, I am having troubles breathing.  Breathing!  Breathing is--- well, it's easy as breathing isn't it!  Up there with blinking on the 1000 easy things to do!  And! My eyesight is getting so bad that I am starting to see auras around people because they're so blurry.  Psychic? No, just blind.  Shouldn't I be all young and invincible, with elastic skin and skinny arms?!

Dear doctor, is it any wonder I am depressed when, with all my weighty (ha) body issues, I am physically disintegrating at 21 because of all the sodding medication I take?

Voyeurism Begins At Home [userpic]

And the foghorn says BORED

August 17th, 2007 (12:14 pm)

Here is a meme.

The meme:
Ask me a question about each of the following:
1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. Livejournal

It is anonymous so you can be super-cheeky!

Voyeurism Begins At Home [userpic]

So help me Rhonda

March 4th, 2006 (03:20 pm)

Ultra news! I'm:: busy

I didn't go to Stay Beautiful in the end. Instead I stayed in and invented handshakes with Rob.

I never did post that Neil Innes interview, did I? Here it is, for your leisurely Saturday reading.

That Neil Innes Interview Wot I Did- contains typos and stuff, Clinty can sort them outCollapse )

Now I have to get dressed, go to Marble Arch and get some money, then come back and clean this feckin' hole.

Voyeurism Begins At Home [userpic]

Pleasure for profit

February 28th, 2006 (05:37 pm)

Ultra news! I'm:: crafty

So, as you know, I've been spending my spare time Not Paying my Silverlink Fare.

My luck held once again today. There were touch and go moments (a uniformed man fiddled around with a door this evening at Upper Holloway, however, it was to my immense relief that I noticed he was a policeman, not a ticket inspector) but on the whole, I've done pretty well, and have saved over £10.

As I am certainly in Cressy Road for the remainder of the week, I hope once again to avoid beat the man and keep my money, which is better spent on things like cigarettes and pizza.

My route is as such, and is the same in the morning and the evening:

I begin my bi-daily jaunt at Crouch Hill station. It is an adequate station a mere five minutes walk from my door, and is adjacent to "Big Fat Sofa", a cosy, ramshackle pub frequented by hair-cuts and desperate alcoholics.

I pass Upper Holloway, which is across the road from the nesting place of those marvellous boys, charlybubbles and my most favourite boy of all, icecoldinalex, but do not stop again until I reach rudimentary Gospel Oak. Michael Palin lives there. There is always a chill in the air.

Please note the circular shape beneath the name which denotes an interchange.

Only one stop away is my destination, Hampstead Heath. However, I am often forced to wait at Gospel Oak for prolonged periods of time. I spend this time smoking and thinking Deep Thoughts.

Here is Hampstead Heath:

where I am currently working in a dusty basement dressed like this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Which is FUN as I get to tell people, "Don't worry, it's only a minor terrorist alert" when I'm out on a fag break.

Now, given that I live three stops from my destination and travel twice a day, what do you think the chances are of my being caught fare evading this week? Things to bear in mind:

  • I have been caught ONCE before, at Upper Holloway station.

  • I employ many clever and unheard of tactics to avoid my fare, such as Ignoring Everyone and Listening to Music on my Headphones.

  • The train at Gospel Oak often waits for quite some time, increasing my chances of being caught.

Poll #681841 I fought the law

When shall I be caught avoiding the fare and be charged the cost of my journey?

You will be caught tomorrow morning.
You will be caught tomorrow evening.
You will be caught on Thursday morning.
You will be caught on Thursday evening.
You will be caught on Friday morning.
You will be caught on Friday evening.
You will never be caught. You are now too skilled at fare-evading, and if you do get caught, they will pay you because they admire you so.

Please place your bets now. Please also tell me why you think I'll be nabbed at that time.

It is a lovely thing to get off paying for things, though. In essence I am not stealing, there has been little opportunity to pay my fare, unless I like to queue. But I walked home in the rather farty snow this evening with an extra spring in my step, even joined some schoolchildren in good natured laughter as the flakes floated to the asphalt.

Voyeurism Begins At Home [userpic]


March 7th, 2004 (08:02 am)

This is one of those pesky "Friends Only" journal-types I'm afraid.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Though if you had typed into google "Ardent admirer of Tiny Berry Covetting Monkeys" this could be your lucky day!

Berries bigger than marmoset head shocker!

I hope that at least has softened the blow of this being an elitist friends only fare.

Or you could just leave me a comment if you want me to add you. If I like the cut of your jib or you have as varied and fascinating interests as me, I shall add you back.

Failing that, just talk crap and I'll talk crap with you.



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